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Some cute moments

There was this really cute scene recently where Dent/Cilan complimented Iris' skill on reading Kibago/Axew's heart (which got Iris bashers angry, even though this is a skill she's displayed since Kairyuu/Dragonite's capture episode and is referenced in her game title as The Girl Who Understands the Hearts of Dragons), saying it's brought her one step closer to becoming a Dragon Master... and it made her smile and blush. This was episode 17 of Decolora Adventures (a sort of light-hearted, Orange Islands-esque filler arc taking place in... Pokeverse Hawaii, I presume, since they're a collection of Islands with Kanto Pokemon near Isshu/Unova).

Big pictures under the cut!Collapse )

Oh, also of note (sorta), is that Dent grabs Iris' hand when he tries to get her to run away from danger, while Satoshi/Ash just sort of shoves her along by pushing on her shoulders. xD;

DA! has been a pretty nice arc for Wishfulshipping in general, though! Like Iris teaching Dent to swing from a vine and Dent hiding behind Iris due to his Pokemon phobia for a change! x3

... even though he's so much taller than her that it's kind of ineffective, hee.
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From the tournament. ♥

I drew this a while back. ♥

And drew this for the new year!

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